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Sendmail 8.10.0.Beta6 (slated for experimental)

I've just replaced the subject on incoming so that the file
sendmail_8.10.0.Beta6.announce is in /usr/doc/sendmail.

This will be a `big` release, but *fortunately*, one that means you
don't need to anything other than rebuilding sendmail.cf (if
you've let the automagic crap run)!

  * IPV6 is *not* working properly on Linux, I've reported this
    to the developers, and will keep the package updated as I get new
    information/patches.  In the interim, I've disabled IPV6.

  * SASL isn't compiled in, my notes/temp package are at work ;-{
    I hope to get this (SMTP auth) going ASAP.

  * If you need/want to go back to 8.9.3, you *must* drain the mail
    queue first; the queue files are *not* downward compatible!

There are some *very* nice enhancements wrt masquerading/genericstable,
include exclusion lists, and applying genericstable to an entire domain!

Please, filter any bugs through the BTS, or notes to me - I'll collect
and forward upstream through the beta mailing list.

Thanks, and have fun
Rick Nelson

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