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Re: I messed up my resolution.

After you have booted up, press Alt-Ctrl-F1 which will get you to a text
login prompt. Login, type 'killall xdm' and then run xf86config, and
have your monitor settings handy.


jh wrote:
> Is there a way to keep debian from trying to start x at start up? I messed
> up the resolution and can't read anything. I think MS products sometimes
> use F8. How about debian? Is there any other way to get to the command line
> and re-run xf86config? I tried using my boot disk, but this too tried to
> start x. I got into this trouble because I do not know my systems settings.
> It is a vga monitor. I thought I set the resolution quite low. Thank you
> for any help you can give.
> Jeff
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