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Re: [Fwd: Sound with Debian]


> "Dr. Yasha Karant" wrote:
> > 
> > Short of recompiling a kernel or licensing-for-fee
> > commercial OSS, how do I support a Crystal 4232PNP
> > sound "card" (actually part of the Dell mother board)?

It depends on which kernel version you have. Witn 2.0.x, i think you could
compile the alsa modules and insert them (remember, ALSA 0.4 doesn't
support kernel 2.0.x anymore)

For 2.2.x, there is no way.

> > Red Hat comes with executable sound support in the distribution,
> > whereas Debian does not seem to come with such support?

Nope. i don't know the reasoning for sure, but probably it involves saving
space on the installation media and the fact that sound is both
unnecessary for the most part and rather complex to set up.

> > uname -a indicates 2.0.36 .  Does anybody have precompiled
> > the needed loadable kernel modules and any related utilities
> > for Debian to support this sound device?

It'd probably be easier (and more educational) to recompile the kernel.
Look at the list archives for discussions on how to do so, and look into
the kernel-package package. There's even a thread going on currently on
the subject: "New Kernel: make-kpkg vs. make bzLilo"

Related utilities are mostly Debian packages. You'll probably want a
mixer, you'll definately want sox. There are many other apps for handling
various formats.

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