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RE: [Fwd: Sound with Debian]

Hmm.  Since Support for sound cards is part of the kernel,
and the kernel is the same in all Linux distributions,
then I would have to say: if RedHat supports it, Debian supports
it.  Granted, Debian doesn't have the sndconf executable, but
that just builds a line for the modules.conf file, which
you can do by hand.

I have included the file:

Also, I notice you say "short of recompiling a kernel".
Please, please, please: Don't be afraid to recompile the kernel.
You will be doing yourself a big favor if you learn how to do it.

Also note that Debian has its own way of compiling kernels!
make sure you get the kernel-package package.  Then read
the README that comes with it.


On 21-Oct-99 Kent West wrote:
> I believe this was intended for the list; accordingly I've
> forwarded it. (No need to reply to me, just to
> ykarant@csci.csusb.edu, and perhaps the list.)
> "Dr. Yasha Karant" wrote:
>> Greetings.
>> I obtained your email from the Debian list on sound.
>> Short of recompiling a kernel or licensing-for-fee
>> commercial OSS, how do I support a Crystal 4232PNP
>> sound "card" (actually part of the Dell mother board)?
>> Red Hat comes with executable sound support in the distribution,
>> whereas Debian does not seem to come with such support?
>> uname -a indicates 2.0.36 .  Does anybody have precompiled
>> the needed loadable kernel modules and any related utilities
>> for Debian to support this sound device?
>> Thanks.
>> Yasha Karant
>> ykarant@csci.csusb.edu (please reply to this email address).
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To configure the Crystal CS423x sound chip and activate its DSP functions,
modules may be loaded in this order:
	modprobe sound
	insmod ad1848
	insmod uart401
	insmod cs4232 io=* irq=* dma=* dma2=*
This is the meaning of the parameters:
	io--I/O address of the Windows Sound System (normally 0x534)
	irq--IRQ of this device
	dma and dma2--DMA channels (DMA2 may be 0)
On some cards, the board attempts to do non-PnP setup, and fails.  If you
have problems, use Linux' PnP facilities. 
To get MIDI facilities add
	insmod opl3 io=*
where "io" is the I/O address of the OPL3 synthesizer. This will be shown
in /proc/sys/pnp and is normally 0x388.

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