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RE: sound blaster pnp, please help!

man isapnp
man isapnp.conf

generate a basic isapnp.conf file like this:

pnpdump > ~/isapnp.conf

That will create a file called isapnp.conf in your home directory.
When we're finished, we will copy it to /etc/isapnp.conf.

Now, somethings you need to do:

1) Make sure support for ALL ISA PNP cards is in the form
   of modules.  isapnp needs to set up the cards before the kernel
   support is setup.  modules are the only way to put that support
   off long enough for isapnp to do its thing.

2) Go to  http://www.roestock.demon.co.uk/isapnptools/
   Try setting up the file from the information you find there.
   If it doesn't work, proceed to step 3.

3) Read the man pages above.  If you're still having trouble,
   go to step 4.

4) post your isapnp.conf.  I can try to walk you through it,
   but I may not be able to till Monday.


On 21-Oct-99 Jacob Schmude wrote:
> Hello
> I've finally got my system upgraded to debian potato (don't know how I got
> emacs installed). However, my sound card only partially works. Wav and au
> files play, but midi and mp3 do not. I'm trying to play mp3 with mpg123.
> This worked on redhat with its sndconfig utility. The exact details of
> my card settings and the module loading commands follow:
> card model: creative vibra 16x pnp
> irq: 5
> base io: 220
> mpu io: 300
> dma: 1
> dma16: 5
> The command I used to load the modules (for kernel 2.2.10) is
> modprobe sb io=0x220 irq=5 dma=1 dma16=5 mpu_io=0x300
> If it has to do with the pnp (plug&play) fact, how in the world do you set
> up isapnp.conf? It looks like a programming language.
> Jacob
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