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Wow, I sent that mail on 9/9/99 (interesting numbers) and since then
I've become a linux nut.  Yes, I ended up using the tecra disks.  I
think it might have been you that helped me way back then.

The problems I was experiencing were due to the PCMCIA-based CDROM
I had, and I thought it was possible to "easily" get that to work.
I finally did get that to work, but I now use my PCMCIA-SCSI host
adapter (Bus Toaster) with a SCSI-based JVC CDROM/RW which is much
more reliable, since it stays spun up, etc..  I think my H45 QuickCD
needs to be repaired, as it was flaky since about day 3 on Win95.  I
needed to make sure I got my other one working before making
arrangements to send it in to be checked out.  It "freezes" now
and then, and needs to be powered off/on.  Plus a tiny screw came
out of it one day, when I noticed some rattle, and tipped it.

I do not think I am using the best capabilities though.  My X Windows
Screen is dimmer than it should be, with the XF86Config I hacked up
to get rid of the flicker.  Also the "fvwm2" window manager is not
usable, as it leaves graphics behind using that config.  The configs
I found on the net ALL have BAD FLICKER but "fvwm2" does work with
them. (40 versus 28.32 dot clock).

Note that sometimes (very rarely) my (flicker free dim) config causes
a pixel or two to be left behind in other apps.  (Like xfishtank, and
only once in xclock).  So I am not blaming fvwm2 for anything!

I'm pretty happy all in all, but still get lost when trying to get
the newer gnome up, or even enlightment-conf.  It appears that there
are MANY dependencies, for enlightment-conf, that require newer
versions of a LOT of things, as soon as you start adding things
like libart2 and freetype2 (I believe).

So for the most part, I'm trying to stay with the stuff on the 2.1
CD.  I just started playing with the GTK widget set today.

Enough disk space wasted for this message,


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