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Re: XF86 probs on IBM Thinkpad 360Cs

Hey Again :)

EGM>I'm gueessing something's wrong with your modelines to produce this effect. When you configured X did you use xvidtune to adjust the timings (and screen size under various resolutions)? It usually does a pretty good job despite the warning.

I don't use FVWM so I can't help you configure it. I'm fond of IceWM,
which would probably work well under your hardware constraints (it's
fairly lightweight). I never liked the mouse at the edge of the screen
popping over to the next virtual desktop -- rather change desktops with a pager. But, heh, Linux is about choice!
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Out of all the WM's for Linux, I like KDE the best, but when I'm installing a system, or a small one like this, IceWM is by far the best!! Right On :)

When I run the XF86Setup prog, I don't get any display at all. The screen goes black while it switches graphics mode, and then, all I get is nothing... I can't CTL+ALT+BKSPC to get back to my command prompt, or anything... I have to reset the computer :(

I like XVidTune :)... If I could see it... (grin)....  Any ideas(?)

I appreciate the help :)



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