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ash - options to `echo' command

I was just curious about why ash's builtin `echo' command no longer
accepts any options?  It causes interesting (though generally harmless)
output in a variety of places, because I use ash as /bin/sh.  For

     adric@glitch[~]$ grep -l "echo -n" /etc/init.d/* | wc -l

I haven't filed a bug report because changelog.Debian.gz shows that it
was an intentional change... so I assume that it was done in order to
conform with POSIX (or another such standard).  Is this correct?  If
so, I guess I should start filing `bashism' bug-reports against scripts
which start out `#! /bin/sh' and make use of `echo -n' or `echo -e'?

I hope the tone of this comes across correctly (sometimes difficult to
do via email).  I'm simply curious about the reasoning... don't mean to
whack you on the side of the head with a 2x4 or anything :-) I've CC'd
debian-user, just in case others are curious (since the ash vs bash for
/bin/sh debate turns up periodically).


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