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Re: staroffice - multiuser?

"T.V.Gnanasekaran" wrote:
> hi,
> i remember when i downloaded staroffice 5 from stardivision (before
> sun's buyout), it used to work only in for a single account, the
> account from which it was installed. But has it changed now after
> sun's buyout of staroffice? Because, I don't see 'personal edition'
> anymore along with staroffice on sun's site. I only see 'free' word.
> Any insights?
> -gnana
> PS: I have downloaded 5.1a from sun's site.
You must install it using the  /net  switch to make it multiuser. It has
always been that way. Try reading the installation docs carefully to get
more info on how to do this correctly. If you have Midnight Commander
installed this is a snap as it will allow you to view all of these
without decompressing them into a directory. It is the single best
friend you will have in Linux! Just click on the file listing, it
converts it into a readable directory format on the screen. Good Luck!
John Foster
AdVance-Computing Systems
ICQ# 19460173

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