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Re: staroffice - multiuser?

On Wed, Oct 20, 1999 at 06:35:28PM +0530,
T.V.Gnanasekaran <gnana@lanminds.com> wrote:
> i remember when i downloaded staroffice 5 from stardivision (before
> sun's buyout), it used to work only in for a single account, the
> account from which it was installed. But has it changed now after
> sun's buyout of staroffice? Because, I don't see 'personal edition'
> anymore along with staroffice on sun's site. I only see 'free' word.
> Any insights?

Yes, it has changed. The free version allows multiple users to use it now.
Install it as root with "./setup /net". Any user who wants to use it
should switch to the directory it was installed in and type "./setup".

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