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Re: XF86 probs on IBM Thinkpad 360Cs

On Tue, Oct 19, 1999 at 11:31:01PM -0700, Brant Wells wrote:
> Hi all... It's me again... :(

> When X comes up (XF86_SVGA) it comes up in 640x480 mode (which is good), but 
> the screen is not right... If I move the mouse to the right edge of the 
> screen, I can see another one come out on the left side.  Same thing for the 
> top and bottom...

Hi Brant,

This is because you use a "Screen" section which has a virtual screen
greater than 640*480. 
Check it out, and reduce it to 640*480.

You can check it by looking to the lines that are printed to the console
after you leaved X (just enter it, and leave); it looks like (for me):

(**) SVGA: Virtual resolution set to 1600x1200

Jean-Yves F. Barbier <jybarbier@wanadoo.fr>
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