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Re: can I list just the directories, executables?

It might have been a fluke, so far I have not been able to get it
to work again.  And ctrl-alt-del said it would shut down the system
but then I got several messages saying PID (blah) appears to be hung.
and then the system locked tight, had to power it off.
I will keep an eye on it tho, and do some testing, and if I can
get it to repeat I will file a bug report about it.



On 20 Oct 1999, Colin Marquardt wrote:

> * Todd Suess <tsuess@tsuess.evcom.net> writes:
> >> If your shell is the bash (as I suppose), just press the TAB key
> >> twice. You´ll get a big list of executables in your path. (You can
> >> see what your path is by typing "echo $PATH" (without the quotes).
> > Interestingly enough, I hit tab twice as suggested on my system
> > and bash segfaulted and locked up my system.   ;)
> > Perhaps we found a bug.
> Really interesting. Is this reproducible? If yes, it´s worth a bug
> report. Could you start a new bash with strace and/or gdb and make
> it crash? (Not that *I* could debug it...)
> And you say it locked up your system: does Ctrl-Alt-Del still work?
> If not, does Alt-SysRq work (see ./Documentation/sysrq.txt in your
> kernel source; requires a 2.2.x kernel)?
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