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Re: Thinkpad 560 - some info, a couple questions

Hi again,

Have you tried the linux tpctl ? in that case, what does "tpctl --info-all" report?

Just curious, to compare it with mine.


On Sat, Oct 16, 1999 at 02:18:36PM -0700, John Miskinis wrote:
> Hi Marius,
> Thanks for the info.  It appears you have a VERY old BIOS, as I
> downdraded mine recently from the IBM 1.1 system disk (I was
> previously using 1.2).
> My Power Management version is 1.35 (yours 1.25)
> My BIOS is 1.28 (yours 0.21)
> The "Thinkpad Configuration" software is the Windows based
> stuff in the uttp2 software from IBM.  It gives you a GUI
> based configuration utility.  It's tough to tell what stuff is
> in the BIOS and what stuff is in windows when you are using it, as
> it jumps to the standard windows screens for some things.
> I'm not even sure when I set the "Use APM 1.0 compatibility"
> toggle, if that is changing the BIOS, or changing how WINDOWS
> communcates WITH the BIOS.  Very confusing.
> And, I not sure I would want to downgrade my BIOS to what you
> have, the version is REAL low, and I read some notes about the
> fixes in each version, and I'm scared!   I doubt I could even find
> the kit for that BIOS.
> I posted some questiosn about getting the minimal potato packages
> to get the 2.2.1 kernal (and newer enlightenment/gnomw) running,
> but got no responses.
> John
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