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Re: Did Mutt eat my mail?

On Tue, Oct 19, 1999 at 07:40:48PM -0500,
David J. Kanter <djkanter@nwu.edu> wrote:
> I just signed up for this listserv, and fetchmail saw/downloaded 76
> messages. When I went to Mutt, there were only 10 in the Mutt index pager!
> Huh? Even weirder, about 10 minutes later, Mutt reported I new mail in my
> mailbox (I was already off-line) and the rest of those messages fetchmail
> saw magically appeared.
> What happened? Did I swamp fetchmail and it needed to catch its breath?

Actually, fetchmail swamped smail (or exim or whater your MTA is).
Sometimes when I download a lot of mail, smail seems to get stuck. You can
type "mailq" to see how many messages are waiting to be delivered, and
"runq" to tell smail to wake up and deliver the messages.

Eric Gillespie, Jr. <*> epg@pobox.com

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