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Re: MacOS and Intel Linux mixed network

On 19/10/99 Simon Hogg wrote:

I have an intel linux box, acting as a workstation (not a server), and the entire rest of the place runs on MacOS (well, more-or-less).

Are there any tools that allow me to browse the network, mount shares, etc? I have appletalk installed, and that runs fine. The Macs can see my Linux box, and using tkchooser, I can see their boxes, but tkchooser doesn't yet allow you to mount the volumes exported from the macs.

So what I'm looking for is a tool that will understand appletalk, and connect to a mac that only talks appletalk, so I can mount, read and write etc. I thought I saw one mentioned in dselect, but I can't seem to find it now - only similar tools for samba neworks (which we don't have, except in my office / cubicle).

there is a netatalk package that does the reverse, allows macs to mount exports of your linux system, be warned however that when a mac user mounts a share (if writable) .appledouble directories and other such junk will be spewed all over the place, very annoying...

I had found a utility called afpfs or something like that to allow mounting of mac shares but it appeared to be abandoned and would not compile (this was source not a debian specific thing.)

there just does not seem to be very much interest in maintaining mac <-> GNU/Linux tools, hfs fs appears to be virtually unmaintained too (from discussions on linux-ppc lists it is incompatible with 2.3 kernels and so far does not look like its going to be anytime soon either) netatalk as you can see has not been modified in quite a long time (2, 3 years now?) and has some problems on the mac side... (if a mac user uses a OS 8.5 utility to see a linux box there machine will freeze up solid)

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