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Hiring Linux Developers and Specialists in the Bay Area

Work for a Silicon Valley startup deploying and developing a
solution based on Debian/Linux for eCommerce diagnostics.

- Stockoptions
- Moving Bonus
- Competitive pay

Information about Capital Technologies can be found at
http://www.captech.com. Capital Technologies is an active supporter of
Linux and plans to get involved much more in the future. See
http://opensource.captech.com. Capital Technologies plans to go public
within 12 months.

We are looking especially for expertise in the following areas:
- Network Management Systems
- Debian packaging system
- Apache/PHP/SQL and Web stuff
- Installation and configuration
- Software development for diagnostic solutions for Linux
- Networking specialist for WAN/LAN
- Network security specialists
- Intel Hardware
- General Support of Linux
- Documentation Writer for a large project.

Join the growing number of Debian enthusiasts working for Capital
Technologies and respond to this email with your resume.

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