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RE: dselect is killing me

I'm sure I'm going to get flamed from here to hell and back,
but I suggest getting a very basic book on Linux.  Linux
for Dummies might not be a bad idea.  I'm sure others might
disagree, but I really do find dummies books better for
beginners than anything else out there.  Most linux
books are written in such a way that they assume the user
knows things about file permissions and what a kernel is.
2 years ago, most people starting out with Linux had
some unix experience, or were on a college campus crawling
with CompSci majors who did.  That doesn't seem to be the
case now.  

The dummies books are great to get you started, but you'll
probably want to read some of the stuff in the Linux
Documentation Project to really get going.

That being said, I think you should recompile the kernel.
If that frightens you, you may just want to reinstall.
I know that thats a very "Windowsish" response, but it
really sounds like something fucked up during the install.
If you can mount your debian CD, make sure you have the
kernel-source. keernel-headers, and kernel-package installed
Debian has a special way of building new kernels.
If you need directions, let me know.

Lastly, don't be afraid to hose your system.  You're still
learning.  Since you are just starting with Linux, don't
put any sensitive data on the machine (checkbook, etc.) that
you aren't prepared to loose.  You can do that after another
month or two.  But definately stick it out.  Linux is very
cool once you know your way around.

On 19-Oct-99 jh wrote:
> At 10:41 PM 10/18/99 -0400, you wrote:
>>Did you, by chance, re-compile your kernel?
>>I assume not, but there is a kernel module for reading NLS Charset
>>iso8859-1.  It should be automagically loaded for you.
>>Let me know.
> I did not recompile. I may have done something to hurt the kernel though I
> don't know what. I messed around a little in root doing things like ls /*
> just to list the files (It makes me feel like I'm doing something) Not much
> seems to happen automagically in debian. I'ts like the difference between
> manual and stick shift. Now if I could just keep from killing the engine.
> Jeff
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