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ncurses driving me nuts

Hi! I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask for help with ncurses
programming (pls redirect me if this doesn't belong here), but the behaviour
of ncurses is driving me up the wall here...

For some silly reason, wmove() and mvwaddstr() doesn't seem to be functioning
properly. The first one or two wmove() -- waddstr() sequences seem to work
fine, but after that, the x-coordinate seem to get completely ignored and set
to zero for all subsequent calls to wmove() or mvwaddstr().

What am I doing wrong??? I'm trying to print a list of strings and want each
to appear at a particular x-coordinate within a subwindow. What's the right
way to do this??? Currently, it prints the first one or two lines at the right
location, but subsequent calls to wmove() or mvwaddstr() seems to totally
ignore the x-coordinate and simply place the cursor at the start of the line.


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