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problems with sendmail on new potato laptop

Hi all-

I had a recurring problem getting the latest sendmail to work today on a new
potato laptop.  IT continually bombed trying to find a required file; namely
the aliases file that lives on my desktop in /etc.  I tried numerous
reinstalls of the latest sendmail in the instable tree but it would not
succeed until I copied another alias file and then reinstalled.  IT still
wanted three other optional databases which I have no idea what they are. 
Another thing, now when I write a fetchmailrc file, it wants a mda statement
in the file.  I dont recall this behavior before.  I know that debian uses
procmail as the local delivery agent.  Without a mda line, mail is received
but just disappears to some unknown location...

The aliases file appears to be built by any number of mail agents like exim
but none of these would build one when I attempted to install them.  Pretty
wierd.  I built the potato laptop from hand after installing a base system
from floppy diskettes and a nfs mount.

Michael Perry		

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