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Re: Sound Blaster Live Value...

* Erich Newell <Erich_Newell@ci.mesa.az.us> writes:

> Is there any news yet of support for the Sound Blaster live under Linux?

> ( I actually have a "value" but I'm certain the chipset is the same )


> P.S. Can someone point me to a complete hardware compatability list? Does
> one exist?

There is one (well, who can say any list is complete?) at
http://www.suse.de (you can switch to English somewhere, and you´ll
have to do some browsing there).

> Doing:    Community Applications               edge, you're taking up too
> For: City of Mesa                   much space"

Hey, I once had a pen-pal from Mesa. John Franks, do you hear me? :-)

Colin Marquardt <colin.marquardt@gmx.de>

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