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Potato broke my mouse in X?

I just installed a potato partiton, all seemed to go well.  I even
installed accelerated X on it, and its setup didn't segfault, an obvious
improvement.  The first time I ran X everything worked fine.  Then, out
of the blue, the mouse stopped working in X.  I was doing a lot of stuff
trying to set up the system.  I rebuilt the kernel, but I'm sure that
was configured correctly, I installed a bunch of stuff, I uninstalled a
bunch of stuff.  But nothing that should affect the mouse.  The mouse
works on console.  Its a logitech mouseman, ps/2.  All of my settings
are for a ps/2 mouse on /dev/psaux.  I have gpm and the lib's installed,
I even tried installing the libc5 gpmlibs.  But no go.  Where else
should I look?  X knows its a ps/2 on /dev/psaux.


-Aaron Solochek

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