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problem with windowmaker dock-apps after using hwclock

The clock on my system has been drifting for the past few weeks so
yesterday I decided to fix that. After reading the man page on hwclock, I
used it to change the time on my system. I changed the time using : hwclock
--set --date <>.

The strange thing that happened after that was that two windowmaker
dock-apps would not start up after that change: wmCalClock, and wmtime.

I use wmCalClock so I was surprised to see that it wasn't working. When I
try to start up wmCalClock from a rxvt, nothing happens except that the
titlebar of the rxvt flashes once and that's it. No error messages, no core
dump, no signs of what the problem might be.

I am experiencing the same problem with some other dock apps : wmtop,
wmload, wmavgload, wmmon, wmifs, wmppp, wmxmms. The strange thing is that
these other dock apps are already docked and they start up fine whenever I
login. However, if I attempt to start them up from a command line in a rxvt
they exhibit the same strange behaviour that wmCalClock does.

Had anyone else had this problem with dock-apps after using hwclock ??

Is there anyway to fix this problem ?

I am running Debian-2.1 with glibc-2.1 and a bunch of other potato
stuff. Most of these dock-apps are from unstable, a couple of them I have
compiled myself and installed in /usr/local.

This is a very bizarre problem.

Salman Ahmed
ssahmed AT interlog DOT com

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