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Re: Potato Dependancies problem.

David Natkins wrote:

> My problem:
>         A new version of slang is in Potato (version > 1.3)
>         mc and mc-common depend on it (along with ae)
>         but whiptail wants slang to be < 1.3 and
>         modconf depends on whiptail.
>         Suggestions? (obviously a new version of modconf and whiptail with
>         a depend on slang > 1.3, but none is in Potato)
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Everyone's having this problem at the moment, one solution is to downgrade slang to
an older version and put upgrading it on hold in dselect until new versions of the
other debs arrive that work with the new slang.  Do you have an old slang deb kicking
around?  I've just checked the slink version no. and it should work but I haven't
tried it myself.  Give it a go, but other packages you have may depend on a newer
version, which might scupper the idea.


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