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Re: Sun classic

Andrew Hately wrote:
> I think I read a note about this on the sparc linux page; something like
> 1) make a device for the mouse with mknod
> 2) install the sun X server binary.
> 3) startx
> 4) optionally install olvwm, xdm, etc
> > ie: when you are logged in, actually you
> > logged in into the server machine (not the one that's running xserver).
> sorry?

I know how to install netboot Linux (aka: diskless systems). What I want
to do is to have a client machine that boots remotely from a server, but
when I get into xdm, then xdm redirects the login process (?) into the
server instead of the local machine. So then the client machine becomes
an X-terminal.
> I'm more interested in Ada; have you read the distributed systems annex? 

The URL please...


Without the kernel, your system would stop. 


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