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Re: Sun classic

Oki DZ wrote:
> Andrew Hately wrote:
> ...
> > I had intended to use it as an xserver for the rest of the machines on my
> > network but the screen is so dim and unsharp I'm going off the idea.
> How do you set up xservers?

I think I read a note about this on the sparc linux page; something like 
1) make a device for the mouse with mknod
2) install the sun X server binary.
3) startx
4) optionally install olvwm, xdm, etc

> ie: when you are logged in, actually you
> logged in into the server machine (not the one that's running xserver).


> Have you tried Java? You can write distributed apps with ease. I think
> Sun's JDK + ObjectSpace's Voyager will help a lot.

I'm more interested in Ada; have you read the distributed systems annex? It
eats other attempts at distribution for breakfast. It also produces binaries
or (soon) java byte code at the flick of a compile time switch.
(See ACT's JGNAT and Intermetric's Applet Magic).



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