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Re: Eggdrop and Debian

id do ldconfig -v | grep tcl and look what it says. for me:

galactica:/users/admin/nate# ldconfig -v | grep tcl
        libtcl7.6.so.1 => libtcl7.6.so.1
        libpgtcl.so.1 => libpgtcl.so.1
        libtcl8.0.so.1 => libtcl8.0.so.1

i'd find where libtcl8.0.so.1 (locate) is and make a link to it and name
the link libtcl8.0.so  i encounter this kind  of problem often and this
usually fixes it.(last night i linked libMesaGLU.so to libGLU.so so some
3D plugins for xmms to commpile) there may be another way but this one
works for me.


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On Tue, 12 Oct 1999, Richard Clarke wrote:

> Could somebody please explain to me how I can get eggdrop working with
> Debian. I have installed tcl8 using both *.dev and *.tar.gz. But everytime,
> even tho I know tcl is installed...when I try and run eggdrop (yes it
> compiles just fine) it says...
> ./eggdrop: error in loading shared libraries
> libtcl8.0.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
> Yes I did configure with --enable=shared. Please tell me if this is a common
> problem and if so please tell me how I can fix it.
> Richard
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