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Re: ssh1 error question

Dan Hugo wrote:
> Greetings--
> I have been using ssh Version 1.2.26 from slink for a while to connect
> to my isp, and it has worked just fine for me.  My isp us using ssh
> version 1.2.26a.
> Lately, however, I have noticed the following two things happening, and
> I don't remember them happening before (and I haven't changed, added, or
> upgraded anything that should cause this...):
> 1) I get this message:
> Cannot make temporary authentication socket directory
> /tmp/ssh-dhugo-25902
> even though this directory is created on my local machine during the ssh
> connection process
> 2) That directory above does not get deleted on closing the ssh
> connection.  I think this is new behavior, as I have not seen the
> collectio of /tmp/ssh-dhugo-PID directories growing like it does now
> everytime I make an ssh connection.
> Also, I have never known exactly what this is supposed to mean:
>   Agent parent directory is not sticky, mode is 40777 it should be
> 041777
> is this telling me that /usr/bin should have the sticky bit set?  The
> man page doesn't say anything (that I saw) about setting the sticky bit
> of anything, so I don't want to guess if someone can point me in the
> right direction.

Well, the sticky bit on /tmp was not set, which caused both problems. 
Reading through the sources I could see what the error message was
telling me.

For future reference, the parent directory of the agent SOCKET directory
needs to be sticky, which is /tmp/ssh-USERNAME-PID/.. or just /tmp the
way it is set up in Debian...

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