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RE: Three questions

> The poor quality of documentation, such as these "how tos" is one of the
> reasons why I recommend when ever I am asked whether a site should move
> to linux to recommend that they don't.  

Although I didn't agree with the tone of this message, I definitely think something
needs to be done about Linux documentation, especially if it is expected that
people switch to it from Windows/Mac (my personal opinion is that they *should*
do that) where a lot of things are tucked away and done behind their backs. People
have told me that certain things on Linux are difficult to setup, but the only thing I've
personally found difficult is reading a how-to and I'm someone who's been with 
computers when DOS was the predominant OS for "PCs". I don't like the idea
of people new to computers trying to understand the how-tos when I've had trouble
with them myself, although Linux *is* relatively new with its popularity and I'd imagine
all this would be cleared up in a year from now when Bill Gates will be the head chef
of McDonald's.   : )

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