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Re: problem with /dev/lp0

Quoting Debian Mail (debian@sos.ethz.ch):
> > I believe it is /dev/lp1=lpt1:.  Are you sure you are using the correct
> > device ?
> Yes, /dev/lp0 should be the correct device. Also I can see the printer
> in a way, since tunelp /dev/lp0 only gives specific output if the
> printer is connected.

Should it? My machines running 2.0.36 are all printing on /dev/lp1
and that's to LPT1 and 0x378. I'm not sure why you're using 0x278
in the BIOS (conventionally LPT2).

OTOH my machines running 2.2.10 all print on /dev/lp0 (but that's
still LPT1 and 0x378).

This is similar to many other people who have reported their
configurations when surprised by the change from /dev/lp1 to
/dev/lp0 caused by migration to 2.2.x kernels.


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