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Re: Where is "open"?

*- On  6 Oct, Serge Gavrilov wrote about "Where is "open"?"
> Hello!
> I cannot find "open" package in potato. Does anybody know where is it? May be
> open binary moved into some package? 
> Thanks

A search for bin/open on http://www.debian.org/distrib/packages.html
under 'Search the Contents of the Latest Release' with unstable
selected returns:

./usr/bin/open                                              base/console-tools
./usr/bin/openvt                                            base/console-tools
./usr/sbin/openldapconfig                                   net/openldapd
usr/bin/openhost                                            admin/tcpquota
usr/bin/openvt                                              utils/kbd
usr/sbin/openfw                                             admin/tcpquota

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