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RE: HELP: possible to have answering machine over ISDN?

I assume your current method uses the analog phone line...  If it does, ISDN
has two B channels which can be used for voice or data.  Each is 64Kb.  I
use one for dedicated access.  The other stays data until a voice call comes
in and then converts to voice.  On the back of the ISDN device there are
usually two analog phone ports.  These are used when one of the B channels
is carrying voice.  I would connect this analog port to you vgetty port.

Said another way, your single ISDN line is like having two phone lines with
two phone numbers.  To use these analog phone lines, you just connect an
anlog device to the ports in the back of the ISDN device.  I have used a
modem connected to an analog port of the ISDN "terminal adapter" or ISDN
modem with success.  If you place a call via the analog port, it goes out
analog.  If you place a call via the serial (data) port it goes out digital.

You probably knew all this, but most probably don't.  If I didn't answer it,
let me know.  I have used ISDN for 5 years and am very happy.


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i am evaluating to pass over from standard phone to ISDN-line.... but a
thought that hjit me... i want to use the computer as an answering machine
(using vgetty) is t possible to make this also over a ISDN line? (How?)

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