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Re: VERY Strange Problem since last update

>>>>> "Joey" == Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net> writes:

  Joey> Todd Suess wrote:
  >> 1. Apt-get action completes.
  >> 2. pdmenu fires up and proceeds to thrash the hard drive for
  >> about 30 minutes, slowly chewing up all available system
  >> resources (RAM and SWAP), until SWAP is down to 0k available.

  Joey> You mean a process _named_ pdmenu is doing this, I'll bet.

I had a similar problem yesterday. And it happened again today.
A process named pdmenu was up to 30M and one named gnome-panel peaked
at 47M (I do not use gnome-panel). 

  Joey> I'll also bet you'll find several dozen update-menus processes
  Joey> running. If you do, tell me what version of menu you have
  Joey> installed.

ii  menu            2.1.3-2        provides update-menus functions for some app

Laurent Martelli

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