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Re: mgetty password trouble.

aphro wrote:
> I've had a PPP server setup for quite some time using mgetty 1.1.18-1, and
> it works great, BUT i just noticed today that it is doing no password
> authentication.  Any user/pw will work to login.  Security isn't a huge
> issue but i'd like to get it so i can track who logs in!  AutoPPP is *on*
> when i turn it off the system doesn't allow a login(wether the password is
> right or not)
> This is the only un-commented line in my /etc/mgetty/login.config :
> /AutoPPP/ -     a_ppp   /usr/sbin/pppd crtscts modem ms-dns
> lock proxyarp
Man pppd.  You need "auth", and, depending on what you want, "login" as
additional options to pppd here.

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