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Re: pcmcia net card does not show up in "ifconfig" listing.


On Mon, 4 Oct 1999, Hugo van der Merwe wrote:

> Is there any place to specify what drivers must be compiled (like in
> make menuconfig when using something like an NE2000 on a desktop)?

IIRC, all pcmcia modules are compiled by default, even ones you have no
need for with your particular laptop.

As for the original problem, are you sure there's no IRQ conflicts? At one
point i was troubleshooting a RedHat laptop (not mine or it would've been
Debian ;) where the network card would only function when the cdrom/floppy
wedge was not attached. I found a message in the logs that made me suspect
that the system couldn't assign an IRQ for the card and so refused to
insmod the module. In that case, the problem was fixed by adding an option
to the pcmcia configuration file telling the card insertion monitor to use

On Mon, 4 Oct 1999, Martin Fluch wrote:
> > Whenever I upgrade Debian, the PCMCIA stuff stops working, and I make
> > a new PCMCIA modules package and install it and that fixes the
> > problem.
> That stuff belongs to /etc/pcmcia/network.opts ... and then you won't 
> have these upgrading problems ... further you will be able to select
> differend schemes, e.g. different network settings when you are at home,
> at work or somewhere else...

Depending on what is meant by "Whenever I upgrade Debian", that may not be
correct. If the intended meaning is "Whenever I upgrade the kernel", then
a new PCMCIA package is required before any PCMCIA will work.

/etc/pcmcia/network.opts is the correct place for PCMCIA network card
options, though.

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