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Wanting to Hire Linux Developer

Title: Linux Developer

Job Description:

Develop and maintain Debian packages related to our
solution within the standard Debian distribution as well as on our
opensource site (http://opensource.captech.com) as well as on our private
archives. Deploy and configure Debian/Linux systems. Setup and
configuration of diverse hardware (PCs, LAN, WAN) focusing on the Linux
operating system but occasionally including Microsoft NT and other Unix

The job includes the duty to keep in touch with the Open Source community
on issues related to our to our business operations and deployment of such
software. Occasionally technical research in literature and the Internet
regarding special topics will be expected.

We are in the process of developing a remote monitoring and management
system. The job might include drawing code together from a variety of
sources in C, Tcl, Java, Perl, shell scripts and other languages as well
as helping with the design and testing of our solution. The job also might
include helping with the coordination of other people involved with
building our solution.

It is expected that the person will develop considerable expertise with
Linux as well as networking and the use of Linux as a server platform. The
ability to troubleshoot and diagnose problems with Linux servers
accurately needs to be developed for the support of our networks
operations department.

CapTech (http://www.captech.com) is a solid startup in the Bay Area.
Captech has already two Debian developers on staff.

Required Expertise:
* Linux
* Basic knowledge of Open Source methods and customs.
* Volunteer for at least the last 12 month in an Open Source project

Required Skills: 
* Programming knowledge in C and script languages
  (bash, perl, tcl, java) 
* Ability to communicate in an business environment with
  a diversity of platforms and software solutions.

* Debian Developer
* Knowledge of firewalling, NAT, Routing, WAN and VPN technologies
* Network Management know-how.

* Competitive pay for the San Francisco Bay Area.
* Moving Bonus!

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