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Re: VERY Strange Problem since last update

Todd Suess wrote:
> >I'll also bet you'll find several dozen update-menus processes running. If
> >you do, tell me what version of menu you have installed.

No, of _menu_ , not _pdmenu_.

> Not several dozen, but I have noticed a few running, others may be running at
> a lower priority or something so as not to appear in the upper portion of the
> top screen I am viewing.

Do: "ps -ax | grep update-menus".

> >Yes, these are not pdmenu and afterstep, they are menu programs in
> >/etc/menu-methods/. They are updating your menu files. They tend to be
> >rather heavy on the cpu but should not be hitting it this hard. Either
> >you're seeing an old menu bug that made many of them be run at once, or some
> >other bug in menu that I don't know of.
> That makes perfect sense.  I have been installing right along from the unstable
> branch,  this is the first time a problem like this popped up.
> Thanks for the feedback!

see shy jo

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