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Re: fatal error in SO 5.1

Hi Brad; unless Mutt is confused, you wrote:
> On Sun, 3 Oct 1999, Robert Rati wrote:
> > I've read the mailing list archives about the various Star Office
> > problems in potato, and something tells me that people are on the
> > wrong track.  I am currently getting a "Fatal Error" about 10 seconds
> > after I load Star Office.  Many of the posts that solve Star Office
> > 5.1 problems (which is what I have) seem to revolve around doing some
> > trickery to use glibc 2.0.
> Except for the problems with threaded system(3) calls in ove of the glibc
> 2.1.2 prereleases, all the solutions you mention solve problems for
> StarOffice 5.01 (which had problems with glibc 2.1), not StarOffice 5.1.
> > Does anyone know how to solve the "fatal error" problem in Star Office
> > 5.1 on potato?  Any help would be appreciated as this has me rather
> > perplexed.
> Can't help because i've never seen the error. Then again, i don't use SO
> for email or anything.

This is interesting. Are there two different SO5.1 out there? I'm
running 5.1, downloaded from then StarDivision Web-site, on a slink
system with libc6 2.0 without a hitch (and, no, I didn't install any
libc6 libs from their package). My ldd output (only libc shown):

bash-2.01$ ldd ../office51/bin/soffice.bin 
	libc.so.6 => /lib/libc.so.6 (0x4003a000)


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