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fatal error in SO 5.1

I've read the mailing list archives about the various Star Office problems
in potato, and something tells me that people are on the wrong track.  I
am currently getting a "Fatal Error" about 10 seconds after I load Star
Office.  Many of the posts that solve Star Office 5.1 problems (which is
what I have) seem to revolve around doing some trickery to use glibc 2.0.
SO 5.1 is supposed to work just fine with glibc 2.1 and I know it works
fine in Red Hat 6.0.  So, how can glibc be the problem?  Is Debian's
implementaion of glibc 2.1 different somehow?  Does anyone know how to
solve the "fatal error" problem in Star Office 5.1 on potato?  Any help
would be appreciated as this has me rather perplexed.


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