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Fax format TIFF files (www.efax.com)

I'm using the free (advertising-supported) Internet fax service at
www.efax.com.  They assign you an arbitrary phone number, and faxes to
that address are received by faxmodem and mailed to you.

The file comes as a TIFF.  I have several viewers that can read TIFFs
(xv, xloadimage) and a fine bitmap editor (the GIMP), but apparently
efax.com encapsulates multiple-page faxes into a single TIFF, and all
of those programs display only the first page.

Can anyone recommend a program (preferably, of course, Debianized)
that will display all the pages of a fax-format TIFF?
Carl Fink		carlf@dm.net
Manager, Dueling Modems Computer Forum

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