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Booting problem

I recently installed Debian from an official set, slowly the things get
better. The last changes that I managed to do ( a whole adventure for a
windows newcomer!) left me with even a connection to the internet
through wvdial. My main problem is that I have very little memory (about
1.3 gig). Any way, after this last change, when I tried to boot again, I
got a cycle of Lilo ..... and back to the reboot, never ending. So I put
the floppy created during first installation, trying to fix the matter.
But I don't think it is fixed. Now, I wanted to remove a bunch of things
trying to clean a little and leave room for a more bare installation,
but it does not remove much. Tells me that dpkg is not good. How do I
re-install it?
Even better, I would do a re-installation from scratch, getting a bare
little one with may be some TeX, math utilities, gcc++, and web
connection. But I have no idea how to do it. Please help, give detailed
indications if possible, I am just now getting used to the UNIX
environment, now learning to use emacs, but not sure yet.

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