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compiling wine - xpm missing

After re-installing slink on a revamped upgraded
computer (new cpu/mb, bigger hd, new graphics card,
etc) I downloaded the latest wine sources (990923) and
tried to build.  Wine built ok, but won't run.  I get
the following message:
OBM_CreateBitmaps Xpm support not in the binary,
please install xpm and recompile.

I have the following packages installed:
xpm4.7, xpm4g, xpm4g-dev.  The xpm.h file is found in
the include path chain. (The configure scripts did NOT
set the HAVE_LIBXXPM).  I tried setting this variable
in the configure generated header file and then wine
did not link (having not found the required

I was able to build wine on the previous install of
slink, but I cannot figure out what library is
missing!!  Does anyone have an idea what package needs
to be installed?

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