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Re: Urgent help

Cleto Pescia wrote:
> >  Is there any tool/program to create/format a FAT16 or FAT32 partition ?
> cfdisk?

 cfdisk don't format any partition - i'd explained on the wrong way,

 I need to format two FAT16 partitions.
 The "format" DOS application just can't format them.

> Or XFDisk under DOS -- search for it on HotBot.

 Extended FDisk it's no more available to download. Meanwhile didn't
found any second web site.
 Also didn't found any reliable application to use. Some of them with
limitations(2GB maximum).

 Thanks for your quick reply.

 Best regards,
   Nuno Carvalho

   Nuno Emanuel F. Carvalho
 Dep. Informatics Engineering
    University of Coimbra

  PGP key available at finger

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