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Re: apt: how to avoid double downloads ?

If you've got some disk-space which can be shared between the two
machines (NFS mount, Jaz/Zip drive, etc.) you could try using apt-move,
which was recently installed into potato.  It can migrate the
downloaded debfiles into the proper hierarchy, and generate the
required control files, to allow apt to process them as a local mirror
during subsequent runs.

On Sun, Oct 03, 1999 at 07:22:08PM +0200, Peter L. Schroeder wrote:
> What is a useful configuration in apt.conf and/or anywhere else
> to avoid downloading packages twice if I run
> apt-get first on one and then on the other box ?
> I´ve tried the ftp::proxy section but did not
> succeed. Can squid act as ftp-proxy-cache at all? If yes:
> how do I have to write the ftp::proxy-section of apt.conf ?
> Or is there a more suitable configuration you recommend -- using
> apt-cache and nfs for example? 

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