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Re: Serial connection to windoze box


Here I am again after a long, long time in a galaxy far, far away...
Sorry for not replying so long, but I was terribly busy all the time. And
thanks for all your work on this issue!!

> After reading the .inf (it's in plain text, and commented :)), you don't
> use a PPP connection - you use SLIP.  It's and older and less flexible
> than PPP, but it works rather well.
I think I can switch the connection type in the DFUE configuration between
PPP, SLIP and others. I think it can handle PPP, as also explained on the
homepage of the author.

> I'll see if I can get a hold of a Win95 system and play around with this
> some later in the week, if you can wait that long.
Yeah, that would be very great, but really don't spend hours trying this
configuration. I will get a network card from a friend for free in a time,
he said to me yesterday. And so the problem will probably be solved.

BTW, I think this kermit also needs a PPP or similar connection running
(->help files...)?? I don't know how to configure it to work on a serial
line without any protocols.
What do you think of Paul's suggestion to use minicom and on the win side
teraterm PRO to transfer files? I'll try it out because he says it works at
his PCs.

Now, the net-emulation issue.
The problem I seem to have is that I really don't know how to make the linux
box react on the signals (which I don't know, too) the W95 dial-up sends
over the serial line. Apart from this issue, which seems to be critical for
such connections, I will read some magazines about linux networking, I
think, because this "try and succeed" way won't work under linux, although I
already have some idea about how it works. And, I don't know how to use
ifconfig which wants me to specify a network adapter (and I don't know how
to handle this serial-emulation device and which name it has). Perhaps it'll
become clear but, as I said, don't work too much on this issue, only if it
you're interested in it, 'cause I'll get a network card sooner or later.

Kind Regards,
Stephan Hachinger

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