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Re: Serial connection to windoze box


Sorry for not replying for a so long time. I'll to get a network adapter
soon, so that the problem will be solved.

Thanks very much for your suggestion, I'll try it as it sounds quite easy
and I'm no linux (network) expert.
I'm also talking about the net emulation with Phil, but I think, it won't be
very easy...

Regards from Munich, Germany,

Stephan Hachinger

> If it's only to transfer files, I do the same thing with minicom on linux
> and TeraTerm Pro on windows side using the Z-MODEM serial protocol.
TeraTerm Pro is
> freeware.  I use NT, but I'm sure I remember seeing that it works with
> If the connection is to log in to your slink box and run commands, you'll
need to
> get someone else's help ...
> Regards from (rainy) Scotland,
> Paul

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