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RE: recommended partitioning

Hi Jeff,

I would try a simple approach.  You only "need" two partitions, root and
swap.  If I remember correctly, swap should be equal to installed memory.
32MB RAM means 32MB swap.  Use the rest for the root partition.  I assigned
root first, then swap as the last partition.  You could partition using a
more complicated scheme, I.e. partitions for /var or /usr or /home.  I just
don't see the need.  Make life easy.  With 408MB to work with, you might end
up wishing you had more room on another partition if you allocate too much
to one partition.  Allocating it all to root lets the directories that need
it, use it.

PS.  If you have any computer shows around you, you can often pick up 1-2GB
drives for $30-$50 bucks.  This probably won't matter unless you want to
install everything.


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Hi. If there is anyone out there, I am trying to install debian and
wondered what would be a good partition scheme for a 408MB drive. It will
be running solo debian.

Thanks so much


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