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Help with Xfree and Gnome

I got (about a week ago) the official Debian distribution from Linux
System Labs, and installed it after some adventures in a Packard Bell
computer (pentium 60mh, desktop, etc, I know not enough, just to give
you an idea). Now I have it finally running, but still trying to learn
to move within a UNIX (or similar) environment, to do even the simplest
things. I have been using untill now Windows. Any way, there are a few
libraries missing in my gnome installation (it shows that when I use
dselect), but they seem to be absent also from the CDs I got. At least
dselect does not find them. On the other hand, I haven't been able to
install apache either, so I can not use "apt" to help me correct the
matter (this I am sending from my win 98 machine). With my Xfree there
is a similar story, I haven't been able to configure it correctly. After
doing what seems to me should in the configuration, through xf86config,
and running startx, I get
X: exec of /usr/bin/x11/XF86_SVGA failed
_X11 transSocketUNIX CONNECT: Can't connect: errno = 2
repeated 6 times
giving up
xinit: No such file or directory (errn0 2): unable to connect to X
xinit: No such process(errno 3): Server error.

Antonio     arodriguez@worldnet.att.net

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