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Compiling XEmacs-20.4 from source package

I am using XEmacs-20.4 on a Debian 2.1 box that has been
updated to glibc-2.1 (not all the way to potato). Since
then, XEmacs occasionally locks up on me and I think its
because of the glibc upgrade.

I have the Debian source CDs and was wondering if I could
rebuild the XEmacs-20.4 debs from all the libraries that are
currently installed on my system. Hopefully, that might
solve the XEmacs lockup problem.

How do I build XEmacs debs from the source CDs ? I'd prefer
it if I didn't have to fire up dselect so can someone tell
me how to do this using apt-get only and what to add in my
/etc/apt/sources.list ?

Also, when building the debs for XEmacs, how can I configure
the different options available through the autoconf script
that comes with the XEmacs source package ?


Salman Ahmed
ssahmed AT interlog DOT com

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