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Re: Where's the HOWTO's?

*- On  1 Oct, Kent West wrote about "Re: Where's the HOWTO's?"
> Kent West wrote:
>> According to the FAQOMATIC I'm reading, I should be able to find a howto
>> in /usr/doc/HOWTO if I have installed the doc-linux-text package. So I
>> just installed it, and there is no /usr/doc/HOWTO directory that I can
>> find. I went into dselect to look at the package description, but it
>> doesn't indicate where the files are installed.
>> Did something go wrong with the install (with no error messages that
>> I saw)? Or is the FAQOMATIC wrong, in which case, where can I find the
>> HOWTOs?
>> Thanks!
> Never mind. I did an "updatedb", and then a "locate HOWTO"; they are in
> /usr/share/doc, not /usr/doc.

This is because the FAQOMATIC was written before Debian started
adopting the FHS.  The FSSTND said that doc's should go in /usr/doc and
FHS says docs should go into /usr/share/doc.  There has been LOTS of
debate on debian-devel about how to deal with this. (Read the archive
for all the details.)

One way to check the true locations of where a package put its files is
to do a 'dpkg -L <package>', this will list the contents of the
/var/lib/dpkg/info/<package>.list file.

# dpkg -L hello

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