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Re: Environment Variable weirdness

>>>>> "Nathan" == Nathan E Norman <finn@midco.net> writes:

    Nathan> ... but the machine architecture is still "i386", as in Intel
    Nathan> CISC.  Other machine architectures include m68k, powerpc,
    Nathan> alpha, hp-ppa, etc.

    Nathan> You don't need to worry about this.

Ok, that makes sense. I guess I was confusing machine architechture with
CPU/processor type.

    Nathan> It's faster to use a "UNIX domain socket" when all traffic is
    Nathan> local as you avoid some of teh overhead of an IP stack.  Why
    Nathan> waste those milliseconds?

Would you be willing to explain the technicalities behind that ? Sounds
like a neat `optimization'. BTW, is this a Debian-specific feature ? I
haven't seen this in RedHat.

Now for a networked system, you'd have to change the DISPLAY env var
to allow remote X clients to display locally, right ?

    Nathan> Do it in /etc/profile, add this line:

    Nathan>   export OSVERSION=`uname -r`-`arch`

    Nathan> HTH,

Yes it does. Thank you.

Salman Ahmed
ssahmed AT interlog DOT com

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